New free adult literacy tutor training program!

New free adult literacy tutor training program!

We’re so happy to announce that we now have volunteer adult literacy tutor training available to anyone who wants it!  Our new individual self-paced program can be accessed for free on the Hotline website. This means that would-be tutors can access it independently, without needing to be part of a volunteer tutor scheme.

You can find the adult literacy tutor training program here.

We developed the program in response to callers who wanted to support others with their literacy, but didn’t have a tutoring scheme nearby that they could join. The new Individual Adult Literacy Tutoring Program is guided by adult literacy legend Pam Osmond. Pam introduces adult learning approaches, provides practical skills, and guides tutors to create a positive and relaxed learning environment.

There is advice on how to determine the learner’s needs and establish goals. The program has a big focus on practical strategies for developing reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, and digital literacy skills that will be useful for learners in their everyday life.

Each module includes a presentation from Pam, along with videos, practice activities, and adult literacy learners sharing their stories. The program is based on the handbook Literacy Face to Face, which is also free to download from the Hotline’s website, and which provides an ongoing reference for volunteer tutors. Our presenter-led tutor training program is still available free on the website for libraries or community groups who want to set up a tutor group.

Our new individual program could also provide a great introduction to the field for anyone who is considering a career change. If you know of someone who is interested in volunteer tutoring, or in moving into the adult literacy field in the longer term, please let them know about our fabulous new resource!