Benefits for employers

How to manage risks and compliance in providing literacy training

All workers need reading, writing and maths skills to work safely and comply with standards – on-site, in the field and in the office. Better communication skills benefit the entire risk assessment process. They improve the way workers understand and follow safety requirements and regulations, and their ability to comply with standards.
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Building a confident and capable workforce

Today’s workplaces are technologically advanced and changing rapidly. New technology and business processes make reading a part of every job. Workers need to build their skills throughout their working life. Literacy and numeracy skills are the building blocks of vocational learning – and they also give workers the confidence to learn. Upskilling literacy in employees leads to better morale, better workplace relations and lower turnover.
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Driving efficiency and productivity gains

Every business needs accuracy, efficiency and quality. Literacy training is a key ingredient in improved work quality, better service and productivity gains.
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