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    Screening of the SBS series Lost For Words in September has put a human face to the barriers experienced by people who struggle with their reading and writing. The series generated lots of social media, and comments clearly reflected the surprise and empathy in the......

    The SBS series Lost For Words has generated a big response from people keen to teach or tutor in adult literacy. Since the program first screened, over 110 people have rung the Hotline either wanting to volunteer their time or find out how to pursue......

    ACAL and the Reading Writing Hotline worked with SBS on a survey to find out what adult literacy learners feel about its TV series: Lost For Words and how SBS can make their services easier for people to use. Please consider using the survey with......

    Michelle’s goal was to move from her current job as a factory worker to a role in Business Administration. Michelle had rung the Hotline regularly. She was frustrated at how difficult it was to find a suitable course to help her achieve her goal.  She......

    The new 10-year Adult Literacy for Life strategy, recently launched by the Irish Government, takes a whole of society approach to equip all adults with the literacy skills they need.  Over 2000 individuals or organisations fed into the development of the strategy. The strategy which......