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    The second and final phase of our research Uncovering Adult Literacy and Numeracy Needs in Australia: A Comprehensive National Study 2023 into adult literacy and numeracy needs in Australia, is now available on the Reading Writing Hotline website. With the recent endorsement of the National......

    On 16 October, National Cabinet signed a landmark 5-year National Skills Agreement with states and territories. This is the first National Skills Agreement in more than a decade and starts from 1 January 2024. It aims to strengthen vocational education and training and address national......

    Sally George, former Hotline Teacher In June this year one of our wonderful teachers, Sally George left the Hotline for a permanent teaching position at St George TAFE in Sydney. We caught up with Sally recently and asked her about working at the Hotline, the......

    Empower Aboriginal Readiness Program The Empower Aboriginal Readiness Program at TAFENSW has been making a difference in the lives of First Nations People for more than 15 years, building literacy, numeracy, electrical skills and self-esteem so that participants can confidently tackle an Electrical Apprenticeship. This......

    After COVID it still feels like such a privilege to attend a conference; to be with colleagues face to face, and to hear and interact with speakers and presenters at the top of their fields. The Hotline was fortunate to attend the Australian Council for......