Adult Numeracy Teacher Training

Adult Numeracy Teaching: More than Worksheets

Most people agree that numeracy is useful, important, and critical in our adult lives – as family and community members, citizens, apprentices, or workers.  But not many of us are confident in how to approach teaching numeracy to our adult learners. As professional development opportunities have fallen away, the Hotline had many requests for resources to help teachers and trainers build their skills in facilitating numeracy learning with adults.

To help address this need, the Hotline approached Dr Keiko Yasukawa from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to offer a series of workshops for teachers, which form the basis of these short videos. We thank the teachers from a range of LLND providers who took part in the workshops and generously agreed to be filmed. The series takes a collaborative, multi-modal approach and each session is practical and thought-provoking.

The series consists of an introduction to adult learning principles in a numeracy context, and seven activity-based videos focussed on different areas of numeracy.

We are grateful for Federal Government funding for this project from the Department of Employment & Workplace Relations and for the support of the University of Technology Sydney.

People interested in further study in this area may be interested in the Teaching Adult Literacy & Numeracy specialist stream of the UTS Graduate Diploma in TESOL & Applied Linguistics.

This stream includes subjects on numeracy teaching. For further information, contact the Program Coordinator

Video links

Video: Numeracy introduction.

Video: Talking about Ratios

Video: Talking about problem solving.

Video: Talking about place value.

Video: Talking about measurement.

Video: Talking about maths and culture.

Video: Talking about maps.

Video: Talking about area.