The Reading Writing Hotline has developed a range of beginner workbooks.

These workbooks were designed to assist people who are unable to access courses and would like to start learning from home. If you are able to tutor someone at this level you may find these useful.

      1. Print the workbook

The workbooks are PDF files, designed for downloading and printing. Working online is not suitable for your learners and the activities are not interactive. Print in colour, as some of the teaching relies on colour clues. The materials work best if you print the whole workbook.

      2. Teaching tips

Page 3 of each of the workbooks has Notes for your mentor, with some sound teaching strategies. They match the teaching approach taken in the workbooks. You’ll find short explanations under these headings:

  • Talk about the topic
  • Read out loud
  • Writing or copying
  • Some more ideas.

Page 3 also briefly introduces the contents of the workbook.

      3. Youtube videos

You also have a link to a Youtube video for each workbook. Your learner might find them helpful, especially if they want to do some work on their own. The videos go through the workbooks page by page, explaining what to do each step of the way.

Garage Sales

Garage Sales is a general interest topic. Learners can learn to:

  • Read useful words about garage sales
  • Write their address
  • Read and spell days of the week
  • Write prices
  • Make a garage sales poster


Going to the doctor

Going to the doctor is a general interest topic. Learners can learn to:

  • Read an appointment card
  • Write the days of the week
  • Write the time in numbers
  • Read some common symptoms
  • Fill in a form for the doctor
  • Read medicine labels


Books and babies

Books and babies is for parents and carers with young children.

Books, babies and dads is for dads and carers with young children.

Books and bubs is for First Nations parents and carers with young children.

Reading with babies and toddlers is key to helping develop literacy in children. Parents and carers can learn to:

  • Enjoy books with young children
  • Read some animal sounds
  • Read and spell some words that rhyme
  • Read and remember the alphabet
  • Spell some numbers
  • Spell some family words


On the road

On the road is useful for drivers, but is also suitable for all learners. They can learn to:

  • Read some road signs
  • Use a spelling notebook
  • Remember the alphabet
  • Read number words
  • Read a petrol docket
  • Write details after an accident


On the road: Trucks 

On the road: Trucks is a special workbook for truck drivers. They can learn:

  • To get help from a truckie mentor
  • Useful words for trucking
  • Alphabetical order
  • About truck weights and measurements
  • About a Driver Work Diary
  • To read a story