Literacy Links survey results!

Literacy Links survey results!

Last December, we asked you what you enjoyed and found useful in Literacy Links. Many thanks to all those who responded. Here is a summary of the results.

Survey respondents said what they liked to read the most were “Stories from the field about literacy/numeracy learners and programs”.

This was followed by:

  • Articles on innovative literacy and numeracy teaching
  • Latest research into literacy and numeracy
  • Latest news on government policies and programs.

In the comments section, respondents said they enjoyed reading stories from learners as to what worked for them and what didn’t. If you have a story about student journeys or about innovative literacy/numeracy/digital literacy practices, please call us. We can always write it up for you.

Respondents also wanted to hear about great resources for teachers and tutors which are free and easy to access, hints and tips of what has worked in other classrooms and community programs, what the Hotline is up to, how to support volunteers and more digital technology related information.

Thanks again to all our survey respondents and congratulations to Margaret from Victoria who was the lucky prize winner.