Improving Employee Productivity

Improving Employee Productivity and Efficiency

Improving Employee Productivity

There’s nothing more important to a small business than its employees and their productivity. When employees feel supported and confident, their productivity increases and businesses will grow.

The following are tips on how to create a healthier and more productive workplace through a focus on language, literacy and adult learning principles.

• Use Plain English in all documents and procedures.
• Use visuals and diagrams to make instructions and signs clearer.
• Create a culture of trust to build confidence with workplace literacy. An initiative such as a buddy system could work well.
• Make sure employees’ tasks are clear and explicit so that they know exactly what is expected.
• Recognise that some tasks may involve maths or measurement, and make sure training is provided.
• Recognise workers for a job well done to make them feel appreciated and encouraged.
• Staff from other cultures and language backgrounds may not be familiar with local Aussie terminology and slang, although they have done the work before.
• Create a culture of assistance to encourage continued learning and development.
• Improve the working environment to enhance focus and concentration.
• Provide wall charts, examples, and other reference material for staff to consult when required.

For more information on building literacy, language, numeracy and digital literacy in the workplace, contact Reading Writing Hotline on 1300 6555 06.