Volunteer Tutor Training

Volunteer Tutor Training for Libraries and Community Groups

The Hotline has developed a package of resources to help community organisations, such as libraries, set up an Adult Literacy Tutoring program.

The resources include coordinator’s guides, powerpoint presentations, sample templates and videos.

The content is password protected, please contact the Hotline on 1 300 6 555 06 for access.

literacy teacher and student

Volunteer Tutor Training for Individuals

This series of 8 online learning modules is designed to help people help adults improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

Guided by literacy expert Pam Osmond, the modules will help you understand why people  have literacy and numeracy gaps, and help give you the skills to support them to improve their skills.

The modules are self-paced and are provided free by the Hotline for anyone to use.

Screenshot of online literacy module