Hotline in the news!

Hotline in the news!

An important role of the Hotline manager is to raise literacy awareness and to encourage people with literacy gaps to ring and seek help.  We often do this in partnership with other organisations and through the media, particularly local radio.

Over the past month, the Hotline’s 30th anniversary and the Life Be In It Community Service Annoucement campaign created a number of opportunities for Vanessa Iles, the Hotline’s manager, to talk to a range of media outlets. These included:

Literacy Barriers for early health care – ABC Listen

This segment from the ABC Health Report looks at the issues around health literacy and the barriers people face to accessing health care, as well as some of the good practice we learnt from COVID.

Vanessa from the Hotline, Grant Nair from Counterpoint community centre in Sydney and Professor Kirsten McCaffery at Sydney University’s Health Literacy Lab, share their valuable insights.

Channel 9 also interviewed Vanessa about the 30th Anniversary and the work of the Hotline. This interview can be found here on YouTube. It was a great opportunity to promote the work of the Hotline and encourage people to call.