Remote learning during COVID

Remote learning during COVID

One of the contributors to the Online Learning report was from TAFE SA. They have shared the importance of thinking outside the square and demonstrated how delivery does not necessarily need to be online at all.

Four socially-distanced men giving thumbs up to the camera The workers ‘attending at the RASAC depot, physically distanced and ready to go at 8:30am to connect via mobile phone for a game of Bingo. Practicing numeracy skills and having fun’ (APY TAFE Facebook).

A group of Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation (RASAC) employees were able to continue to receive TAFE SA training during COVID-19 biosecurity restrictions with TAFE lecturers, employees and employer all working together to modify delivery.

As the training was across 6 communities on the APY Lands, the lecturers forwarded the session plans and activity worksheets for the workplace supervisor to print off. The supervisor then facilitated classes via phone contact with the lecturer, and lessons took place outside at the workplace where they normally had their toolbox talks. Prior to each lesson the employer and TAFE lecturer met to via telephone to discuss the days plan.

The outcome of the approach for the group of employees was continuity of training and student progress against the Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways FSK10119 as per training plan. All agreed the delivery via the phone worked well and the established relationships supported this change of delivery.