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NEW online course – Literacy Tutor Skill Set

TASTAFE has a new Adult Literacy Tutor course now available online nationally

This online skill set is designed for anyone working with adults who needs to improve their literacy and/or numeracy skills. Course participants will learn how to mentor employees, colleagues, neighbours or friends, and help them build the reading, writing and maths skills they want. This skill set may be suitable for workers in the community services sector, such as youth or disability areas, volunteer tutors in library networks and vocational trainers who have completed the TAE Cert IV and need further understanding of literacy and numeracy development to support their students or to become an Adult Literacy Tutor. Anyone wishing to contribute to the literacy and/or numeracy development of another would benefit from doing this course.

The 10-week course is free for Tasmanian residents. For those living and working outside of Tasmania, the cost is $479 for the course and an additional $1695 to undertake assessment. Not everyone wants/needs to undertake assessment.

In this course, you will discover contemporary theory on how adults learn and barriers that make learning difficult. You’ll learn how to identify individual learner needs, and how to plan and monitor learning activities to suit those needs, as well as how to support learners to achieve their literacy and numeracy goals.