Never too late!

Never too late!

Older Person

The Hotline hears some wonderful and inspiring stories.  Janet, a qualified teacher, has been tutoring Stephen over the phone and in partnership with his wife Mary. Face to face access to adult literacy teachers is, in many parts of Australia, unavailable.  The Hotline was able to connect Stephen to the teacher and has also been helping out with reading materials. Stephen is nearly 90 years old. Poverty prevented him from receiving a full school/education experience in his younger years but determination and strong support helped him realise his goals later in life.

The tutor contacted the Hotline:

I’m pleased to say that Stephen is able to read quite fluently now. He’s quite good at one syllable and two syllable words. I’m a bit overwhelmed by his success, your dedication and unwavering support in helping Stephen meet his goals.

His wife is the biggest factor on the other side of the telephone. She would cross check and assist in the lessons and beyond. I couldn’t have carried out the reading lessons successfully without her. It’s like a tapestry, beautifully crafted by supporting each other, not seeing the whole picture, only hoping it would turn out.  

You’re doing a great job providing materials each time a request was made. Your tenacity is paying off in different pockets of our society…