Hotline news

Hotline news

Vanessa Iles, Manager of the Reading Writing Hotline

Literacy and numeracy (LN) was in the news again in April, sparked by the Commonwealth government’s announcement regarding a new National Study on Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Literacy Skills.

The flurry of media activity included an ABC TV interview and other radio interviews with Vanessa Iles, Manager of the Hotline (pictured), interviews with ACAL president, Jo Medlin and print coverage of the issues.

Another focus of our work in April and May was contributing to government policy development. This included a submission to the JSA Foundation Skills Study and the Future Directions Paper for Apprenticeship Support Services.

The Hotline supports many of the initiatives in the Future Directions paper, especially around identifying LN gaps early and providing support and pathways for apprentices to improve literacy and numeracy skills. The Hotline recommended that the government encourage the uptake of introductory pathway courses for apprenticeships, as well as pathway partnerships in community settings. Programs at Certificate I and II levels which could lead into apprenticeships are especially important. The Hotline also recommended that the increase in support includes specialised literacy and numeracy learner support.