Empower Aboriginal Readiness Program

Empower Aboriginal Readiness Program

Empower Aboriginal Readiness Program

The Empower Aboriginal Readiness Program at TAFENSW has been making a difference in the lives of First Nations People for more than 15 years, building literacy, numeracy, electrical skills and self-esteem so that participants can confidently tackle an Electrical Apprenticeship.

This program’s comprehensive approach combines education, culture, and employment opportunities to empower Indigenous people, providing them with tools to build successful careers.

Within the program, literacy and numeracy are woven into the fabric of each graduate’s success story. These skills are integral to the program. Literacy and numeracy not only bridge the gap between technical expertise and real-world applications, but they also give people an opportunity to articulate their ideas, collaborate effectively, and explore the Electrical field.

The presence of an Aboriginal Senior Project Officer and Aboriginal in-class mentors is essential to the success of the program. Their presence highlights the program’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. This team provides culturally relevant support and guidance to Aboriginal students, making them feel valued and understood in the educational context. It can help bridge cultural gaps, enhance communication, and build trust between students, teachers, and Industry.

In the last 5 years the program has delivered 223 students into fulltime employment or further studies. This year alone it will deliver 11 fully qualified First Nations electricians.

The program’s impact is tangible and continues to empower individuals, foster community growth and pave the way for a more equitable and prosperous future.

For more information you can contact Darren Sherwood, Senior Aboriginal Project Officer at Darren.sherwood5@tafensw.edu.au

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