Don’t take it as Read presented to Parliament

Don’t take it as Read presented to Parliament

Parliament house

On 31 March 2022, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training presented the report Don’t take it as read: Inquiry into adult literacy and its importance to Parliament.

The report comes at a crucial time for adult literacy and numeracy and highlights the significant number of people in our community who face reading and writing difficulties.

We are encouraged by the report which strongly supports the Hotline’s ongoing work. It also recommends that the Hotline is resourced to maintain a database of form filling and literacy mediation services.

The report covers a range of areas and has some important recommendations particularly around the need for non-accredited provision. “Demand for informal, unaccredited and entry level LLND education is not currently being met, and again this is particularly a problem in regional and remote locations.”

It calls for more sustainable and long term funded programs for First Nations people and a renewal of the LLND workforce. Read it here.