Celebrate Adult Learners Week

Celebrate Adult Learners Week

Adult Learners Week, from September 1-8, offers organisations that run courses, classes, exhibitions, tours or other adult education activities the chance to celebrate their work and give Australians a chance to learn something new. This year’s theme is ‘Change Your Story’ — and with COVID-19 in mind — the focus is on how people can take their lives in new directions through adult education

You are invited to the Adult Learners Week launch on 1 September 2021. Please register so you have the link details for the event.

Guests include
Catherine Deveny – comedian, writer and author
Ian Roberts – former rugby league champion
Joe Geia – First Nations musician, composer and storyteller
Paco Lara – flamenco guitarist

To find out more go to: www.adultlearnersweek.org and #ChangeYourStory

Promotional image for Adult Learners Week 2021