Online Computer Classes for Adults

Computer Classes for Adults

We are relying more and more on computers for just about everything in our lives. And computers can be helpful, but people can also feel locked out of modern life if they haven’t had a chance to learn online skills. Many people can have good literacy skills when reading print, but may not be confident in their digital skills. For adults who don’t yet have strong reading skills, digital literacy is one extra thing to learn.

It can be convenient to do many things online such as internet banking, buying tickets and booking holidays. Self-checkouts and card payment systems in supermarkets are so much easier, so long as we have good computer skills. Even workplace tasks like job applications and sick leave forms tend to be done online now, which can be embarrassing for people who aren’t confident. Keeping track of usernames and passwords can be a nightmare, and everyone needs to know about avoiding scams online.

Learning basic computer skills can be important in personal situations too, as social media can play a big part in keeping in touch with our community. Many over 55s as well as younger people are using Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp to stay in touch with family and friends.

Making a start with computers can help build confidence with new technology and devices, opening the way to wider day-to-day usage.

Many basic or beginner computer courses incorporate:
• Understanding basic computer parts
• Keyboard and mouse skills
• Understanding a PC screen
• Log-ins and passwords
• Opening/closing files and apps
• Internet searching
• Opening emails and replying
• Saving and printing
• Basic cyber-security
• Using Instagram and Facebook

Reading Writing Hotline gives information about suitable courses for adults who want to get started with basic computer skills.

For more information contact Reading Writing Hotline on 1300 6 555 06.