Welcome to 2023 from the Hotline team

Welcome to 2023 from the Hotline team

Reading Writing Hotline employees

We returned in January to a high number of calls and emails from people wanting to improve their literacy, numeracy or digital skills (LND). The beginning of a new year often inspires people to take that difficult first step to seek support, either for themselves or their family.

A theme running through many of the conversations that Hotline teachers have is the complexity of issues that many adults face. This is particularly the case for callers from remote or regional areas where transport, isolation and lack of appropriate, available courses are real barriers to accessing LND support.

These barriers also came up in last year’s survey of providers, when we asked many of you about what you thought prevented learners from accessing LND programs. This year we are continuing our research into learner needs with First Nations communities and libraries. Our collated report will be completed in July this year and presented to the Australian Government.

The Year of the Rabbit is predicted to be a year of hope. There is a sense that a much needed reinvigoration of the LND sector is around the corner. The Australian Government is seeking feedback on several LND related areas (see article below) to improve access to foundation skills provision.

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations has set up a Foundation Skills Advisory Group to gain stakeholder views on its redesign of foundation skills programs. Vanessa Iles, Manager of the Reading Writing Hotline is one of its members. You can access the full membership list here  

We look forward to working with you in 2023 and say thank you to the many dedicated LND teachers improving people’s lives.