Who can call the Reading Writing Hotline?

We get calls at the Hotline from people such as: Adults who want to improve their reading and writing. Some need help with basic reading skills, while others can read and write well enough for their everyday needs but may have problems with the reading and writing needed at work or for a course of […]

I think I have dyslexia. Can the Reading Writing Hotline help me?

Dyslexia is a term that really just means ‘has trouble reading and writing’. There can be a lot of different reasons for this but sometimes it is because the person has somehow ‘missed out’ on some important part of their schooling. Just because someone has told you that you have dyslexia, it doesn’t mean that […]

Can I get advice about my child’s reading problems?

Not really. The courses listed on our database are adult literacy courses that will only accept young people after they have left school. We do have information about a very few other child-specific helplines that may be able to offer assistance to parents.

Does the Reading Writing Hotline run courses?

No, we do not run courses ourselves. We have a list of courses that are run throughout Australia at places such as TAFE colleges, or other training organisations, community centres, or community libraries. We can refer you to one or more of the courses that are run in your area.

What will happen when I ring the Hotline?

One of the experienced adult literacy teachers will answer the phone. You can talk with them about your literacy or numeracy problems and they will be able to suggest a class in your area if that is what you want. These classes are run by organisations such as TAFE, community centres or similar organisations. The […]