Teaching/learning resources and workbooks

A source of multimedia teaching materials that combine streaming videos with related interactive web lessons on reading, writing, math, science, and financial literacy.   American, but video clips could be useful as introduction or additional lesson materials.

Skills Workshop
A UK site with a large number of worksheets on some useful topics. However, since it is not Australian, some numeracy activities are not appropriate and some literacy texts have a very UK-centric context.

English and Maths for adults – BBC website

The Resource Hub

The ‘Resource Hub” assists volunteer reading and writing tutors to plan and develop their learning sessions.   The Resource Hub is divided into sections for three adult learner groups with materials for - Beginner, Intermediate and EAL learners.  There is also a Getting Started section for new tutors. This website was created by Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre with Victorian Government funding under the Adult Community and Further Education’s Capacity and Innovation (CAIF)  program. http://www.cnlchub.org.au/

That quiz
Self-correcting numeracy quizzes on the following topics: integers, fractions, concepts and geometry. Gives practice and tests knowledge. http://www.thatquiz.org/

Visual Fractions
Fractions worksheets from basic concepts to complex calculations using fractions. http://www.visualfractions.com/

Interactives Geometry
3D shapes, surface area/ volume. Interactive tasks however quite dense instructional text. Teacher is needed to interpret. http://www.learner.org/interactives/geometry/3d.html

A range of numeracy topics, with some audio, although it is a heave American accent. http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/jams/math/index.htm

BBC resources for school level, although not child-like. Has revision activities (teaching) and self-correcting testing. Many numeracy and maths topics, multi-level. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/maths/geometry/

AMES Bookshop An extensive catalogue of resources on a range of topics for ESL and adult literacy / numeracy students, many of them work related. Some are free to download – (look for the View our FREE resources button on the left.) http://www.ames.net.au/ames-bookshop?book_cat=&keyword=Keyword

AMES Beach Safety Unit An extensive resource with free, downloadable print materials and mp sound files. It is designed to integrate beach safety training into English as a second language or adult basic education programs. The activities in the resource are aligned to learning outcomes in the Certificate II in Spoken and Written English. http://ames.edu.au/ames-your-english-solution/news/free-teaching-resource-beach-safety

Djerriwarrh is a community education provider in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. It has created a free resource for teaching adult literacy and introducing students to public libraries. The resource Welcome to the Library was launched at Melton Library. The resource consists of an adult reader and a video ‘rap’ as well as teaching resources designed for an adult learning environment. Welcome to the Library raises awareness of local libraries and encourages people to use their libraries. It is aimed at adults with low literacy. https://djerriwarrh.org.au/2017/10/welcome-library-new-adult-literacy-resource/

Money Smart
A series of videos, case studies, animations and activities to assist adults to manage their money. Developed by Australian Securities & Investments Commission.  Teaching resources for VET and community educators.

Advice about budgeting and identifying needs and wants. Interactive with some instructional text but also good audio with Australian voice.

Building Strength with Numeracy
An updated and online version of the well-known resources Strength in Numbers and Breaking the Maths Barriers. Practical resources for teachers.

Right on the Money: Taking control of personal finances
Right on the Money workbook and DVD for adult language, literacy and numeracy learners covers developing a personal budget using a savings plan understanding debt and consumer credit and making informed personal financial decisions.