Learner stories and resources

Two adult learners, Maree and Tom, share their stories of how they decided to deal with the problems they had in reading, writing and maths - and how this decision has changed their lives. These stories were produced by 26TEN,  a literacy service for Tasmanians seeking to improve their  literacy skills.

Maree's story

Tom's story

Tips to get you started.

Need some suggestions of how you can improve your reading yourself? If you can read a bit already, here are some ideas.
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Do you want to improve your spelling? Here are a few ways that you can get started with this.
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Workplace Writing
Do you need to do some writing for work or some other reason? If you can write and spell a bit already, here are some things to try.
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Academic Reading
If you have trouble understanding or remembering material you need to read for study for a vocational training or university course, here are some ideas to try.
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For more resources call the Reading Writing Hotline on 1300 6 555 06

Online resources

Skillswise is a free online learning program produced by the BBC.

_77397840_shoppinglistSkillswise: Reading and Writing



EMPAPR Australian Money concept for savings, spending, or 30th June End of Financial Year sale.Skillswise: Maths



Links to improve your handwriting 

person-apple-laptop-notebookBetter Handwriting for Adults

How to Improve Your Handwriting