SBS Survey and a teaching/learning activity

SBS Survey and a teaching/learning activity

ACAL and the Reading Writing Hotline worked with SBS on a survey to find out what adult literacy learners feel about its TV series: Lost For Words and how SBS can make their services easier for people to use. Please consider using the survey with your classes so SBS gets enough input to act and review the literacy demands associated with online access.

The survey is available online with the option of Adam Nobilia narrating the questions, or in paper format. This makes it easy to adapt to a learning session on filling in forms, answering surveys, listening and digital literacy. There’s even a QR code that can be used to teach adults how to use QR codes!

QR code to take you to survey the article talks about

Ideas for using the survey as a learning activity: link

If you use the online link: To share the link, just copy and paste it, as is. Please don’t click into the link and copy the URL from the webpage that opens up because that URL won’t be accessible to others.

QR code: link
The paper version: Link