SBS Program Lost for Words

SBS Program Lost for Words

SBS is launching a three part series on 22 September focussing on adult literacy. It showcases an independent adult literacy class and the progress of 8 adult learners. The series is hosted by actor Jay Laga’aia and features two experienced TAFENSW teachers, Jo Medlin and Adam Nobelia. Joanne Medlin who is also President of ACAL says “Many Australian adults have literacy gaps but it’s not something talked about . Our literacy learners have been incredibly brave in coming forward to say they struggle with reading, writing, and spelling.”

The series will feature the Reading Writing Hotline phone number at the end of each episode. We welcome the increased focus on adult literacy issues and hope that this leads to an increase in people accessing classes

Are you planning on tuning in? It’s on SBS on September 22.

Here’s a sneak peek.

SBS Lost for words tv show still image