Read Write Now – 45 Years and 40,000 learners later

Read Write Now – 45 Years and 40,000 learners later

Bookmarks from the Read Write Now bookmark competition

Image: RWN’s bookmark competition to celebrate 45 years

On International Literacy Day, Read Write Now (RWN) in Western Australia celebrated their volunteer literacy tutors who for 45 years have helped over 40,000 people improve their literacy and their lives.

To acknowledge their amazing volunteer tutors, Read Write Now held a celebratory morning tea event at the historic Perth Town Hall. Tutors travelled from far and wide to chat, network, share memories, ideas, and friendship.

The MCs, Anne and Brett, who have a long association with the staff at RWN, spoke from the heart about their colleagues’ enormous contribution and collaborations. Welcome to Country was conducted by Tom Little who wove into his welcome a short lesson on Aboriginal literacy – reading the land, the waters, and the air. He also referred to the literacy of music and the oldest instrument, the voice, as ways of respecting people’s strengths and mutually harmonious contributions.

Students too, were represented by stroke survivor Ray Bekeris who has published his inspiring story of recovery. To find out more about Ray’s story check out

RWN history was represented by displays of memorabilia which included teaching resources, old technology such as tape recorders and Walkmans, small calculators, framed awards, stationery, and photos. The tables scattered with memorabilia proved to be the event’s most popular attraction.

The 45th Anniversary event was a recognition of the incredible work carried out by RWN volunteers and their collective contribution to increased economic and community productivity and personal development.