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  • Statistical Snapshot

    Statistical Snapshot

    Strategic improvement projects over the past three years have resulted in steady improvements to the number of calls to the national Reading Writing Hotline. Here are some statistics on calls received nationally over the past twelve months.Read More »
  • Good News Stories

    Good News Stories

    One of the main challenges for staff at the Hotline is making sure that the database of providers is accurate and contains up-to-date and helpful information on all available literacy/ numeracy providers, and that we have an understanding of some of the challenges for those who are seeking literacy help. This has been a particular …Read More »
  • The Hotline visits Alice Springs

    The Hotline visits Alice Springs

    Vanessa incorporated a visit to Alice Springs with her NT visit, where she talked with some 'inspiring locals'. The creative studios of Italk Video Productions have collaborated with the Hotline on the Hotline/italk publication, Love in the Time of Dementia. italk Director Christopher Brocklebank and Hotline Manager Vanessa Iles Italk works with the Corrections system …Read More »
  • Tasmanian Council for Adult Literacy (TCAL) Conference

    Tasmanian Council for Adult Literacy (TCAL) Conference

    TCAL’s conference last weekend highlighted some excellent programs as part of the state’s 26TEN strategy to improve the literacy and numeracy levels of Tasmanians. LINC Literacy Coordinator at Risdon Prison, Iona Johnson and Rachel Edwards shared ‘Tales from the SLAMmer’. Inmates were able to learn to slam, a fun and engaging way to learn about …Read More »
  • Good News Stories

    Good News Stories

    Staff at the Hotline are always gratified and excited to come across good news stories of students whose educational journeys have begun with the Hotline. This one is from Fine Print, VALBEC’s excellent journal. It is the story of ‘Dean’ and Kaye, his volunteer tutor, and their learning journey together as part of the Carlton …Read More »
  • 2018 Yabun Festival Sydney

    2018 Yabun Festival Sydney

    Hotline staff found themselves very busy amid record crowds at the 2018 Yabun Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Festival on 26 January. Five staff were on hand at the Hotline stall during the day meeting people from far and wide who expressed an interest in Literacy classes, volunteering and finding learning materials. We handed out …Read More »
  • Do you use the services of volunteer literacy tutors? Have you told the Hotline?

    Do you use the services of volunteer literacy tutors? Have you told the Hotline?

    We recently sent a mail out to all Community Centres in Australia asking if they use the services of volunteers. As a result several Community Centres contacted the Hotline to let us know about literacy and numeracy classes they run and if they use volunteer literacy tutors, and we have now included them on our …Read More »
  • Truckies


    In recent months the Hotline has had quite a few calls from truck drivers around the country who are having trouble completing the compulsory Work Diary. The diary was designed to reduce driver fatigue by ensuring drivers take proper rest breaks, but it’s proving to be a challenge for some drivers who don’t feel confident …Read More »
  • Some things do take time: a great Hotline story

    Some things do take time: a great Hotline story

    This morning we had a call from a man who said he had heard the Hotline’s jingle on the radio and put the number in his phone…….fifteen years ago! He had updated his phone many times in that period and always kept the number, but never felt confident enough to call – until now. A …Read More »
  • A thorny problem for the Hotline

    A thorny problem for the Hotline

    Every day the Hotline puts people in contact with literacy provision for themselves or others, but there are times when every avenue leads to a dead end. ‘Marilyn’ lives in a big country town. She had a disrupted schooling and can only read ‘a little bit’. She has always wanted to learn to read and …Read More »