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  • Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL) 2019 Conference

    Sydney 3, 4 & 5 Oct Hurry - Early Bird Registration closes on the 3rd of August. This year the Conference is entitled: "Critical Re-imagining: adult literacy and numeracy practices for sustainable development". Participants are invited to consider the role of adult literacy and numeracy education in promoting the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, particularly Goal …Read More »
  • Visit to South Australia

    Last week, The Hotline’s manager, Vanessa Iles visited Adelaide to meet with representatives from various LLN sectors to gather information on the courses on offer there. It is important that the Hotline staff remain up-to-date on the details of the courses that we refer our callers to, and hearing it ‘from the horse’s mouth’ is …Read More »
  • Community Colleges Australia Conference – Brisbane 19-20 November

    This year’s conference theme is Expanding Possibilities, with a focus on how Australia’s not-for-profit community education providers are expanding how they serve their communities, in education, training and community services. More information about the 4 workshop strands and conference details are at: The conference will include awarding the Community College Student of the Year award. …Read More »
  • Adult Learners’ Week

    For Adult Learners' Week, we shared some stories of community literacy groups to celebrate the power of learning and how it brings life changing opportunities. Check out our facebook page to see what's been happening. https// Adult Learners’ Week is designed to promote the various opportunities people have to re-engage in learning; one of the …Read More »
  • Good News Story

    A Rockhampton employer called the Hotline for urgent assistance to locate an LLN teacher/ tutor for a young Indigenous glazier apprentice who was struggling both on the job and in his studies, particularly in numeracy, and was not progressing in his apprenticeship because of this. The caller stressed that it was now rather urgent. The …Read More »
  • Volunteer Tutors

    The greatest journey starts with a footstep.

    Jim recalls his difficult school years, missing a lot of school due to illness and then having to leave school to become the family breadwinner when his dad died. “I lost a lot of time at school due to illness when I was very young…. this put me on the back foot regarding my high …Read More »
  • Greg

    No more hiding in the background – Diannes story

    Greg is one of a number of the Hotline teachers who work both on the Hotline and teach literacy to adults in various adult learning environments. From time to time this gives us the unique opportunity to follow up on one of the callers to the Hotline.  Dianne's story was one such story that Greg …Read More »
  • RWH Event Celebrations

    The Hotline event celebrations – State Library NSW

    The Reading Writing Hotline celebrated its 25th anniversary with an event at the State Library NSW. What a wonderful day! Our brilliant guest speakers Lyn Wilson from TAFE NSW, Don Perlgut from Community Colleges Australia and David Riordan from City of Sydney each brought a unique piece of adult literacy history to the Hotline's 25th …Read More »
  • Reading Writing Hotline FB Image

    It’s the Reading Writing Hotline’s 25th birthday!

    The Hotline started in 1994 as a help line for the ABC’s ‘Reading Writing Roadshow’. Since then, we’ve answered calls from 160,000 people wanting to improve their literacy and change their lives. Three wonderful students shared their literacy journeys for our 25th anniversary. Thank you Langi, James and Nigel for helping us to open doors …Read More »
  • RWH Turns 25

    The Reading Writing Hotline Story

    The story of the Hotline begins in 1990. This was International Literacy Year, and TAFE’s Adult Literacy Information Office (ALIO) was funded to trial a free literacy hotline. Soon after, the ABC started screening their adult literacy TV series, The Reading Writing Roadshow. The present Hotline was first set up by the Federal Government as …Read More »