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Literacy in a time of Coronavirus

A woman sitting at her table with her head in her hands and her shoulders hunched. Paper documents are spread out on front of her, with an open laptop nearby.

Last month, our Hotline manager Vanessa Iles took part in two interviews regarding the increased number of calls to the Reading Writing Hotline during the COVID-19 lockdowns. During the lockdowns, many people with low levels of literacy, numeracy or computer skills found that the coping mechanisms and support systems they could normally rely on became unavailable. Vanessa discusses how the Hotline has supported Australians in need with Fran Kelly on ABC Radio National, and with Ros Childs on ABC News.

Lockdown sees jump in people seeking help with literacy skills – on ABC Radio National with Fran Kelly.

Support for reading and writing learners dissipate during COVID-19 – on ABC News with Ros Childs.