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Good News Story

A Rockhampton employer called the Hotline for urgent assistance to locate an LLN teacher/ tutor for a young Indigenous glazier apprentice who was struggling both on the job and in his studies, particularly in numeracy, and was not progressing in his apprenticeship because of this. The caller stressed that it was now rather urgent. The employer said,

“All our attempts at securing him a tutor failed; our recent agreement with an RTO in Rockhampton was now not possible as the tutor had left and they had no one else to assist at short notice.”

The Hotline teacher was able to make arrangements – she clarified the kinds of numeracy topics the young man needed assistance with and received information on his course pre-assessment and the units currently being studied. The Hotline then contacted a community organisation (Community Links) who were able to locate a retired primary school teacher. The teacher met with the employer and the young man, who will now begin his tutoring. Meanwhile, the Hotline was able to resource the tutor with literacy learning materials and information on tutoring adults.