Education Outcome payments and Employment Services providers

Education Outcome payments and Employment Services providers

The Hotline has held productive conversations with the Commonwealth to clarify guidelines around eligibility for outcome payments under the Transition to Work and ParentsNext programs, and other issues around SEE/AMEP. The Hotline has regularly been fielding calls from students, program providers, RTOs and community organisations who were confused about entitlements, pathways, rules and responsibilities under these programs. We understand that advice documents have been changed to clarify the situation.

Education Outcome incentives are only available for ParentsNext and Transition to Work programs. There are no Education Outcome incentives for Jobactive providers referring job seekers to SEE.

Under the Transition to Work program, Education Outcome payments are available to employment service providers when participants complete 26 consecutive weeks in:

          • any certificate level in the SEE or AMEP Programs
          • a Certificate III or a higher qualification in  VET or
          • secondary education leading to a Year 12 certificate.

Under ParentsNext, the Education Outcome incentives are only available to ParentsNext providers delivering the Intensive Stream where the Intensive Stream participants successfully complete the SEE program. (Successful completion includes completion of 650 hours or transition into employment or further education regardless of hours.)

Providers can tender and win multiple contracts to deliver different services, for instance an organisation can be a TtW, Jobactive and ParentsNext provider.

Employment services providers are to consider job seekers’ LLN needs and the appropriateness of training opportunities when making referrals.

It is recommended that SEE providers highlight the importance of referring clients to appropriate and achievable training levels.  SEE providers can outline to employment service providers the challenges facing the SEE cohort, such as histories of disengagement from and/or negative experiences or perceptions of classroom learning.

The number for Jobactive Customer service Hotline  is 1800 805 260 or email