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The greatest journey starts with a footstep.

Jim recalls his difficult school years, missing a lot of school due to illness and then having to leave school to become the family breadwinner when his dad died. “I lost a lot of time at school due to illness when I was very young…. this put me on the back foot regarding my high […]


No more hiding in the background – Diannes story

Greg is one of a number of the Hotline teachers who work both on the Hotline and teach literacy to adults in various adult learning environments. From time to time this gives us the unique opportunity to follow up on one of the callers to the Hotline.  Dianne’s story was one such story that Greg […]

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The Hotline’s 25th anniversary – where did we come from?

The Hotline is very proud to be celebrating its 25th birthday with an event at the NSW State Library in Sydney next month. Since it began in 1994 the Hotline has helped over 160 000 callers by providing adult literacy and numeracy referral, information and advice. But how did the Hotline begin? The Hotline was […]

Stories from the phone lines

To remind us all of the stories behind some of our callers, this edition of Literacy Links introduces one of our learners, Lyn. Lyn rang the Hotline to find a class near her on the south coast of NSW. She wanted to improve her reading to be able to assist her grandkids. Lyn explained, “I […]

National Provider Network

The Hotline currently has a national database with over 1500 providers of English language, literacy, numeracy and computing classes. This map shows the spread of these providers around the country.

Good news stories

“Just know that you have made a massive difference to someone’s life today.” This email was recently received by Hotline teachers from Jenny. We were delighted to be able to assist. “I just want to say a huge big thank you to the lovely lady that helped myself and my friend yesterday. I am so […]

Group calls received

About half of all calls to the Hotline are for people calling for assistance for themselves. The other 50% of calls are for people calling on behalf of others (friends, family, community and health workers, job agencies). An increasing number of calls are from people ringing on behalf of groups of adults who need assistance […]

Assist Parents

Assisting parents

  For parents, improving reading, writing and computer skills can help kids reach their full potential! There are also lots of things parents can do to develop their child’s literacy that don’t require good reading skills. The Hotline has been working in conjunction with Goodstart Early Learning to make available resources to help parents develop […]