The Learner’s Journey

This quarterly edition of Literacy Links is dedicated to the adult leaner, to their commitment to learning and their motivation and resilience. The ‘typical’ caller to the Hotline is male, between 25 and 44 years of age and from an English speaking background. The ‘typical’ caller to the Hotline has left school at Year 10 […]

Hotline News

The Hotline’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander strategy to improve service delivery to Indigenous adults has been running since 2016 and is reaping rewards. There has been an increase in callers from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

How the Hotline Can Help

‘Darryl’ is an Indigenous man who speaks Mer and Torres Strait Islander (TSI) Creole.  He writes in TSI Creole. He phoned the Hotline to say that he is ‘slow with reading and writing’ but can use a computer ‘a little’.  ‘Darryl’ wants skills to back him up in finding a job.  He would like to […]

Resilience: Stories of Adult Learning

Resilience: Stories of Adult Learning is a collection of learner stories, in their own words and with some helpful contributions by tutors along the way. Learner stories were collected from across Australia and the United Kingdom, and include voices spanning much of the earth.

Meet Tracey from the Reading Writing Hotline

As a teacher, I have worked with a diverse range of students in different ways, supporting students in vocational subjects, delivering reading and writing units in courses designed for the workplace, teaching by distance and developing distance learning materials.  I have enjoyed working on programs that targeted pathways for CALD and Indigenous students. I have […]

Kate Carnell

Promoting Literacy to Industry – The Hotline’s New Campaign

The Reading Writing Hotline has just launched a campaign to encourage employers to use the services of the Hotline in order to boost LLN in the workplace. The campaign has involved production of two videos and a media kit had been distributed to a wide range of industry contacts.