Stories from the phone lines

To remind us all of the stories behind some of our callers, this edition of Literacy Links introduces one of our learners, Lyn.

Lyn rang the Hotline to find a class near her on the south coast of NSW. She wanted to improve her reading to be able to assist her grandkids. Lyn explained, “I am very nervous about calling the Hotline. I have been meaning to call for a long time but I kept putting it off. I have a lot of trouble with my reading and writing. Now I'm finding it hard because I can't read to my grandkids.” The Hotline suggested several options and Lyn decided to enrol at a nearby TAFE class. As the class didn’t start until after the Christmas break, the Hotline teacher also gave Lyn some ideas she could start with straight away.

Recently the Hotline contacted Lyn to follow up on how she was going. Lyn was delighted to report she had started to read aloud what she sees around her, such as street signs. She told us, “At the Doctor’s today, I got the meaning of the signs in the waiting room”.

Lyn is also practising reading aloud from the Bible. She said, “I had someone at church come up to me who wasn’t able to finish primary school and I thought, there's someone else! And it makes me feel better to know I am taking steps to improve. I am doing this for my children and grandchildren to let them know I can do it.”