Group calls received

About half of all calls to the Hotline are for people calling for assistance for themselves. The other 50% of calls are for people calling on behalf of others (friends, family, community and health workers, job agencies). An increasing number of calls are from people ringing on behalf of groups of adults who need assistance with their literacy or numeracy. Here is an example of some of these group calls from the last 6 months:

  • An employer organisation responsible for mentoring mechanics and apprentice mechanics wanting to develop a literacy program for members
  • An Indigenous Ranger Program seeking advice on LLN support for trainees
  • A Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation facility seeking advice on a tutoring program for residents with limited literacy
  • A community group from Arnhem Land for whom English is a third language, looking for a provider to teach a large group English literacy
  • An aged care facility seeking advice on literacy provision for residents
  • A psychologist at a community service regarding client groups
  • A public library seeking advice on establishing a volunteer tutor program