Tasmanian Council for Adult Literacy (TCAL) Conference

TCAL’s conference last weekend highlighted some excellent programs as part of the state’s 26TEN strategy to improve the literacy and numeracy levels of Tasmanians. LINC Literacy Coordinator at Risdon Prison, Iona Johnson and Rachel Edwards shared ‘Tales from the SLAMmer’. Inmates were able to learn to slam, a fun and engaging way to learn about words, language and themselves. "For the prisoners, being able to articulate their own perspective is an act of resistance. Telling their own story can help validate what is important to them as well as being a vehicle for processing difficult experiences. It enables their story to be witnessed and provides evidence of their strength and capacity."

Iona Johnson and Rachel Edwards share recordings from Risdon Prison

Speakers at the conference also detailed Workplace Language Literacy and Numeracy projects in the Aged Care and Disability sectors funded by 26TEN’s employer grants to improve the literacy of workers. One project resulted in a ‘Toolkit’ for organisations to use to embed LLN into day to day work practices. 

TCAL President Deborah Stroh-Reilly and Vanessa Iles