The Hotline visits Alice Springs

Vanessa incorporated a visit to Alice Springs with her NT visit, where she talked with some 'inspiring locals'. The creative studios of Italk Video Productions have collaborated with the Hotline on the Hotline/italk publication, Love in the Time of Dementia.

italk Director Christopher Brocklebank and Hotline Manager Vanessa Iles

Italk works with the Corrections system in Alice Springs to teach video production. The videos they produce can be translated into both English and First Nations languages and inmates are then able to tell their own stories using the same technology. The Hotline is partnering with italk to publish several of these stories into low level English language readers and then creating literacy resource workbooks. Learners will then have access to the video story, the reader and a workbook to assist with literacy acquisition. Vanessa also met with an excellent adult literacy provider, Central Australian Remote Health Development Services (CARHDS). General Manager, Raelene Beale explained her strength based approach to teaching literacy for workers in remote area health clinics, which incorporates use of their First Nations language.

Jenny McCaffer - ALA, Realene Beale CARHDS and Vanessa Iles Hotline

CARHDS is working with local employers in a variety of industries to provide literacy classes for their employees. A very welcome addition to Hotline’s database of providers.

Member for Stuart Scott McConnell and Vanessa Iles.

A final highlight of the trip to Alice Springs was meeting with Scott McConnell, member for Stuart. 80% of Scott’s electorate are Indigenous people. We had a really fruitful discussion with Scott around the impact of low levels of adult literacy on the employment opportunities for his electorate, of which he was well aware. He has been made aware also of the impact on pastoralist and mining industry employers who want to be able to employ local workers, so that he is investigating avenues to make this happen with improvement of the literacy skills of the potential workforce.