The Hotline is more than just a referral service

Angela rang and told us she is “really sad now ‘cause I can’t read” in English or any of her First Nations languages. There are no English as an Additional Language/Dialectclasses in her tiny community near the QLD border. Once a week, Amanda travels 2 hours on the community health bus, to a local town for a short shopping trip, so the Hotline contacted the TAFE in town and explained Angela’s situation. The Head Teacher explained that existing classes were outside of the times when Angela’s bus would arrive and leave, and agreed to help find a way to assist. A week later the Head Teacher called back to say that a teacher would be available to Angela for two hours each week during the weekly shopping period. Angela can now begin learning to read in English, and the Hotline helped to resource Angela’s sister with tutor materials so she can help Angela carry on learning between sessions.

Vanessa Forrest at the Hotline