Fancy two weeks volunteering in Warlpiri Country?







The Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC) has responsibility for the adult learning centre in Yuendumu, known as the Pina Pina Jarrinjaku i.e. to learn. This facility is located in Warlpiri country, 300 kilometres from Alice Springs in the Tanami Desert. The four main program areas of the Pina Pina Jarrinjaku are to provide support for informal learning opportunities (banking, email, ochre card and driver licence applications), non-formal (community education programs), formal (accredited training) and Warlpiri language and culture. Warlpiri is the first language of local people and there is a high priority on maintaining first language. In addition, there is a growing awareness of the importance of English LLN. Like many remote communities, there isn’t any formal English LLN delivery and the Pina Pina Jarrinjaku is the ‘go to’ place for any type of literacy support. In 2018, the Pina Pina Jarrinjaku has plan for a whole of community adult literacy approach, which includes more intensive support for adult learners in the Pina Pina Jarrinjaku.   WYDAC is currently accepting expressions of interest from appropriate volunteers to help implement this vision. Ideally,







WYDAC is looking for people who have:

  • Background in LLN
  • Experience in cross cultural settings
  • Ability to multitask
  • Kindness, patience and respectful attitude
  • Preparedness to fund own return airfare to Alice Springs

What you will receive in exchange:

  • Pick up and return to Alice Springs
  • Opportunity to apply your LLN skills in a remote desert community
  • Immersion in first language environment
  • The privilege of living and working with Warlpiri people
  • Accommodation (basic)

If you think you’re up to the challenge of two weeks at the Pina Pina Jarrinjaku, we are interested in hearing from you.

Contact: Ros Bauer Adult Learning and Literacy Advisor
Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation
Tel: 08 8956 4188            Email:

NB. There are a limited numbers of places available and being on the suitability list doesn’t necessarily guarantee a placement.