How the Hotline Can Help

‘Darryl’ is an Indigenous man who speaks Mer and Torres Strait Islander (TSI) Creole.  He writes in TSI Creole.

He phoned the Hotline to say that he is ‘slow with reading and writing’ but can use a computer ‘a little’.  ‘Darryl’ wants skills to back him up in finding a job.  He would like to be a plumber so wants to improve literacy so that he can study plumbing at TAFE.  Like many callers to the Hotline ‘Darryl’ ‘wasn’t into school’. Because of his need to productively contribute to his family he was out on boats fishing and diving most of the time. ‘Darryl’ can write sentences however he finds it hard to fill out a form. ‘Big language’ is hard to understand and write.  He ‘has a short memory’ so the staff member from the Hotline and Darryl discussed some strategies he could try.

Darryl requested assistance contacting the college to find out about enrolling in a literacy course, the cost, whether AbStudy would cover cost and other relevant details. He had been down to his local training provider but the enrolment office was closed. He found the process confusing and needed some extra support to enroll in the course.

The Hotline contacted the college and found out that he had been placed on a waitlist for a Skills for Work and Training Course at Certificate 3 level.  He would normally be emailed an information pack and asked to register.  The Hotline discussed with the college that the level may not be appropriate and that if ‘Darryl’ had assistance navigating the system this could make all the difference. Together they were able to identify key people who could help ‘Darryl’ get enrolled.

The contact person at the college was able to:

  • Identify a more appropriate course for ‘Darryl’
  • Agree to contact ‘Darryl’ about the Orientation Day, where he will be able to participate in orientation activities, do a basic skills assessment online and be placed in the appropriate level course to enroll in
  • Help him to check concession entitlements
  • Locate and involve the college Indigenous Support Officer
  • Provide him with appropriate support to enroll face to face on the day.

When the Hotline phoned ‘Darryl’ back he was very happy and pleased to know that he was going to be able to enroll in a literacy course.