Promoting Literacy to Industry – The Hotline’s New Campaign

The Reading Writing Hotline has just launched a campaign to encourage employers to use the services of the Hotline in order to boost LLN in the workplace. The campaign has involved production of two videos and a media kit had been distributed to a wide range of industry contacts.

Improving workplace literacy and numeracy – especially in the 21st century digital age – can be an ongoing issue for teachers, trainers, employers and their employees. New technological changes and also changing literacy and numeracy needs in workplaces can bring special challenges for personal achievement and productivity The Reading Writing Hotline, in collaboration with the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell’s office, has been working to promote the importance of workplace literacy and numeracy to small and medium enterprises and the special role that the Hotline can play in this.

The Hotline is proud to announce that Kate is championing this national campaign in an effort to increase the calls that employers make to the Hotline to support the learning needs of their staff.

Click on this link to view Kate’s promotional video “Want to Improve Your Bottom Line?”      

A pharmacist by trade, Ms Carnell said she once owned and operated a number of small businesses and knows first-hand the importance of workplace literacy for employers and their staff. “Ensuring staff have support to develop their literacy skills is vital, not only for the success of the business, but for the creation of a safe workplace where people can develop their careers, and build confidence in themselves through the satisfaction of a job well done,” Ms Carnell said.

“This of course isn’t limited to the more traditional reading and numeracy skills; digital literacy skills are also becoming increasingly important as small businesses innovate and adapt to the digital economy.”

“So if you’re a small business owner out there who would like to support your staff in developing or improving their literacy skills, I encourage you to contact the Reading Writing Hotline; they have the expertise to help you take the next steps,” she said.

Here are two sharegraphics for social media which we encourage you to share.

More LLN workplace trainers needed for the Hotline database.

We have also produced a companion video for employers and industry.

“Let literacy trainers improve your business”

promotes the important role that the workplace literacy and numeracy teacher or trainer plays in supporting and working with employers and staff to customize teaching and learning solutions tailored to a workplace’s individual needs. Since the closure of the Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) program, there are fewer options for referrals to workplace trainers.

Contact Vanessa Iles, Manager, Reading Writing Hotline if:
• you know of any expert workplace literacy and numeracy teachers or trainers who could be listed on the database, or
• you would like to support this campaign in anyway.