Quality difference

An adult education teacher conducts a computer class for seniors

The Hotline is staffed by fully qualified literacy teachers who support callers to find a course or literacy solution to meet their needs. However, sometimes this is not possible so the teachers can also ensure that the caller receives some diagnostic support about the strategies that they may be able to put in place to start on the learning journey themselves. The following are just some of the good news stories that are frequently passed on to the Hotline teachers.

‘John’ has called Hotline many times over the past decade each time to take the next step on his literacy path. He phoned recently to say that he is proud to been awarded his Certificate in General Education for Adults.

‘Amanda’ is 65 and has never been to school. Her two sisters went to school but she was kept home and was ‘the black sheep of the family’. She can ‘sort of’ write her name but now has decided to ‘go to school’ to learn to read and write. She is ready to take the next step.

‘Brian’ had only primary school education and is in a leadership role at an essential services provider. He is embarrassed about his literacy and computing skills. He is now going to enrol in an adult literacy night class with integrated computing.

‘Christine’ couldn’t concentrate at school and left in Year 8 because she was bullied. She has five children at home (including a one-year-old) so can’t attend classes but she wants to help her six and eleven year-old children with the books they are bringing home from school.