Industry promotion

Construction workers reading blueprint

The Reading Writing Hotline is reaching out to industry bodies and employers to support them in providing better solutions to workplace literacy needs. Our Industry Promotion project has developed links to industry bodies and is promoting the business case for workplace literacy.

New technology and changing business processes make reading a part of every job. Accuracy, safety and quality depend on sound reading and writing skills. However, many Australians do not have the literacy skills they need to operate effectively at work. Embedding basic literacy and numeracy training into other vocational training can make a marked difference.

The Australian Industry Group (AiG) recently commissioned research to quantify the return on investment for a range of businesses undertaking literacy training. It found that there was a return on investment (ROI) for workplace literacy training of up to 160% across various industries, from manufacturing, construction and utilities to aged care.

The Reading Writing Hotline can play a role by helping employers and businesses find a provider who understands the specific challenges businesses face, and the context that specific workforces operate within is important.

In the next 12 months the Hotline is targeting training for its teachers to ensure that they can support workplaces with:

  • Referrals to workplace trainers,
  • Workplace literacy strategies
  • Workplace literacy resources.

Find out more about the benefits of promoting literacy in the workplace.