Support for new learners

An important finding from the latest Hotline evaluation report was the difficulty that some callers reported in converting their new found ‘knowledge of courses and training providers’ into actual course enrolments.

Some callers found that after hearing from the Hotline teachers about what was possible for the next step on their literacy journey, they felt ‘let down’ by their call to the training provider finding that there were a number of barriers to actually joining a suitable course.

The following barriers to enrolment were identified in the evaluation report:

  • Timing of courses
  • Availability of places in classes
  • A perceived lack of empathy from Customer Service Officers
  • Cost of courses
  • Location of courses

We would love to hear your suggestions for how you support new customers with low literacy needs so we can develop a checklist to support training providers with this crucial step in a person’s literacy journey.

Click on this link to answer six quick questions that will assist us to support your staff and our callers take this important next step.