Meet Sally

sally-copySally is another fantastic member of the Reading Writing Hotline teaching staff. She has lived and worked in areas in Australia outside of the major cities where job search is difficult and access to rewarding employment is limited. She is aware of the problems in regional Australia of under-employment and unemployment. 

Sally strongly believes that when a person improves their reading, writing and numeracy skills it can help them find a job, become more active in their community or go on to University or TAFE. She also believes that improving a person’s writing and numeracy skills helps people do the things they’ve always wanted to do. She believes in the value of lifelong learning and that reading, writing and numeracy are skills, that like any other, can be learnt at any time and any age.

Sally has taught reading, writing, numeracy and creative writing, in high schools, community centres and TAFE colleges for both Australian born and migrant students. She has also worked with vocational students completing a variety of apprenticeships.. Sally is really enjoying using her skills and experience in assisting callers to the Hotline.